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Do you dream of starting the world's most incredible business? We know how to do that, and we will show you how to make that dream come true, step by step. Our group of experts is made up of a network of experienced CEOs who are available to support you in your growth and funding projects. Whether you are a startup or a well-established business, our CEOs have already succeeded several times in undertaking what you are trying to accomplish. We've been in your shoes. We know how to help you.

A Few Words About Our Group's Leader

As an entrepreneur solidly rooted in Quebec, Luc has contributed to the development of several well-known brands and of a flagship company in the province. From 1994 to 2001, he created and launched the concept behind St-Hubert Express for Rôtisseries St-Hubert Ltd.

In 2002, he created a firm specialized in measuring and managing customer experience. This business and its 55 employees are now leaders in this field in Quebec. Over the last few years, Luc has developed cutting-edge expertise in the development of mobile apps, of artificial intelligence, of SaaS platforms, and in the technology industry in general.

In 2016, Luc founded a tech startup. Using a SaaS business model, this startup consisted of a mobile application with AI functions. Luc sold his shares to a Quebec financial institution in 2018.

With his double Master of Business and Administration (he obtained MBAs in Montreal and in Paris), Luc has developed considerable skills in business management. His unique way of viewing the potential of different markets as well as his skills in management and leadership make him an excellent CEO who can reach the most ambitious business plan's goals. A seasoned entrepreneur in the world of finance and risk capital, Luc has demonstrated his ability to generate growth and profit.

« Needing to take on tasks for which he or she has little or no experience makes up a young entrepreneur's daily routine. »

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