Our mission is to provide you with a unique process that will lead you to success.

Powerful Pitch Deck

Win over investors thanks to our techniques and effective tools. You will be in full control.

Accelerator Business Model

We will help you create a customized business model that will accelerate the development of your business.

Fool-Proof Marketing Plan

Thanks to our know-how, create a high-performance project, all while minimizing your business risk.

A Winner's Investor Pitch

Take advantage of our support in the development and presentation of an investor pitch that will spark investors' interest.
Experts et toujours prêts pour votre startup - CEO

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Always Ready

We are a group of experienced CEOs who are always available to support you in your plans for growth and funding. We can already boast several success stories and we will share our know-how to help you achieve your most ambitious goals.

We have the technological solutions you need to stay in touch 24/7.

Stay in touch with your CEO at all times. With our CEO On Demand™ solutions, follow your progress in real time and track all the steps and tasks that still need to be completed. Review the advice your CEO gave you at your last meeting and, in a single click, contact your CEO for further consultation on the step under way.


View each step of the process in real time.

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Renowned CEOs at your service.

Luc Brousseau

« Currently in Canada, only 1% of startups manage to raise the necessary funds. Among those who failed, several might have secured financing if they had been better prepared. CEO On Demand™ was created specifically to significantly increase your chances of succeeding!”

Luc Brousseau

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